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corona virus effects on online shopping

Due to the prevalence of coronavirus in the world and especially in our beloved country of Iran, online shopping from online stores has increased and now, after 2 years of the virus, it has taken on a different color and many centers Clothing sales sell their goods online and continue to do so.

Existence of social networks such as Instagram and Telegram has helped the sellers of products more than others in online sales. Many exhibitors of Passage sell products such as bags, shoes, clothes, cosmetics, watches, etc. through social networks and sell them to customers, which has led to the growth of virtual business and economic progress in Iran.

In the meantime, one of the best online stores that has had a brilliant activity in this field is the VikyKala online store. This website offers special offers and discounts on its products and guarantees the return of the product for its products in case of dissatisfaction.


At VikyKala you can order men's and women's clothing, stylish bags and shoes, home appliances, cosmetics and all kinds of men's and women's watches online and door-to-door delivery. Of course, if you pay for the products online, it will give you very good discounts.

The bottom line is that while the Corona virus has crippled and shut down many businesses, it has also had a number of benefits, leading to increasing advances in online shopping. It is hoped that with the general vaccination, the situation in our beloved country of Iran will return to normal as soon as possible and that all companies and departments will resume their activities more vigorously than before.